About us

ETER Solutions d.o.o.


Our mission is based on finding the best and the most efficient solutions in the electrical installations industry.

With respect to all standards and prescribed norms in the construction industry, we strive to provide quality equipment and services that can respond at any time to the specifics of electrical systems at various facilities.
We strive to fully understand the needs of our clients and business partners in every segment of the business – from the early phases of design, through installation and field implementation to continuous support after the system is put into operation.


Our vision is a leading position in the quality of services we offer.

We strive to stand out in the market with the quality of our services, as well as the knowledge and professionalism of the team and thus provide a leading position in the field of electrical installations.
We strive to be recognized as a safe and reliable partner who can successfully respond to every specific request and at any time provide top quality.

Letter from CEO

Principles and business goals of ETER Solutions are defined in accordance with the corporate standards that we respect in working with clients as well as among employees.

We cherish team spirit and unity, work ethic and discipline, and we provide all our colleagues with opportunities for improvement and progress.
We are offering complete and highest quality services in the field of design, contracting and engineering of electrical installation required by clients.
We apply the most modern solutions in the industry of electrical installations with the implementation of top quality electrical equipment.
Thanks to long-term experience and expertise of our team, we successfully respond to the diverse needs and requirements of clients and business partners.
We find the reflection of quality and business success through satisfaction, long-term cooperation with investors, numerous recommendations and thus, through a constant presence in our country and abroad.

Simo Račanin

Simo RačaninETER Solutions

A satisfied client is reflection of our premium quality. incrediblyrespecially